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We have produced this handy guide to assist you in selcting the right medical records trolley to meet your exact requirements.

This will help to guide you through the various things to consider, as the user needs to understand what is really needed when chosing new secure medical records trolleys.

You can fill in this form for your own reference, and when completed you are welcome to send a copy of it over to Pro-Stak so we can help confirm your selection of trolley.

Download a copy of our FREE guide to help you select the right Medical Records Trolley for you here Leaflet L12

There are 6 main things to consider

How will the trolley be used ?

Static Use – (Example: At a Nurse Station or similar)

Mobile Use – (Example: Doctors and Nurse Ward Rounds)

Do you need to use a laptop with this trolley, either now or in the future?



Some of our Secure Notes Trolleys have provision for a lockable Laptop Drawer

What type of Files or Folders are you using?

A – Lever Arch / Hard Back Files Shelves
B – Case Notes Folders Shelves
C – Care Files – with wire ends for suspension Suspension
D – SP258 – Polypropylene Suspension Files Suspension
E – A4 Paper / Forms / Leaflets Shelves

What capacity of trolley is required ?

Measured in Linear Meters as below

How to hold your folders upright

If you are using Lever Arch Files and / or Case Notes Folders they are held upright in one of two ways

Wire Racks

Metal Shelves and Dividers (Code: DIV)

Spaced at 32mm allows for 32mm, 64mm and 96mm Wide Folders.
Bed Numbers can be labelled on shelf edge using Dymo or similar.
This Option allows for the most efficient retrieval and return of folders to correct place.

Do you need Optional External Clear Document Holders?

Code: SP137 – 1 to 4 clear plastic document holders can be fitted on request to the sides of most Secure Medical Records Trolleys.

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