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LARGE Secure Medical Records 3 Drawer LAPTOP Trolley (Gloss WHITE)

Product Code: SP100WH-TD

Product Features:

Sloping Top, 2 Plastic Coated Metal Filing Drawers, 8  Extra Heavy Duty-Polypropylene Suspension Files (Carefile Pockest, See SP258), Three Digital Pin Combination Locks, Laptop Drawer with Manual Ventilation while charging laptop. Fixed metal dividers in 2 bottom shelves, 2 Plastic pockets on right hand side, Gloss WHITE Finish. Designed for STATIC use next to Nurses Station. Can be wheeled for easy cleaning under unit. For additional suspension files see SP258.

Safety Feature: Only one drawer can be opened at a time.

Dimensions: W 960mm, D 638mm, H 1335mm

Further Information: Please see Leaflet L13

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